Destiny Nicole Frasqueri, better known by her stage as Princess Nokia, is very open with her fans about her personal life, including her previous relationships and what she was looking for in a future companion.

She’s quite the storyteller, from revealing her expectation of transparency in a relationship to discussing her dating history!

In a relationship, Princess Nokia expects transparency

Nokia considers partner transparency to be a critical aspect of any engagement. She despises concealing secrets from her boyfriend, no matter who he is. The singer said in an interview with Complex that she would always be honest about her past indiscretions with her lover. She stated that she is not ashamed of her past experiences and that she wants her relationship to blossom through honesty.

Furthermore, the artist stated that she wants to be associated with someone that mentally and physically connects with her.

“Nothing about my background or past experiences makes me ashamed or embarrassed,” she explained, “therefore I’m quite open with my boyfriend.”

She went on to say that she wanted honesty and transparency to be the core of her relationship with her lover. But that wasn’t the only thing she had in mind for her spouse.

“I want my spouse to be as passionate, weird, and complicated as I am,” she explained.

That’s not all, though. She claimed that a close relationship can only be maintained if one opens up past chapters of one’s life to the other.

I enjoy laying everything out on the table. I believe that sharing experiences with someone is quite beneficial since it allows you to form a bond and grow closer. As much as she’s talked about being honest in a relationship, the diva is now single. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some of her previous relationships that caused a stir among her followers.


Princess Nokia and Her Past Affairs

The singer revealed in an episode of Elle’s Rap Therapy that she is a “master disappearer” who falls in love with a new person every day. The ‘Dragons’ singer, however, has been associated to two men, according to insiders, since she rose to widespread fame for her singing.

Destiny, a documentary on the rapper’s life, was released in November 2016 by The Fader. The documentary featured happy and memorable moments from her life, as well as a deleted video that revealed a different side of her—carefree and hilarious. Nokia was also seen enjoying quality time with her boyfriend, Michael, in the video. However, they have since parted up.

Aside from Michael, the Hip-hop musician had a relationship with Hood Profet activist Mike Davis. In Los Angeles, California, he is a radical artist and activist. While concerns regarding the singer’s romances and potential partners have been circulating the internet for years, answers are still hard to come by.

It’s still up for controversy because some sources believe she’s skilled at keeping her romance hidden from the public eye, while fans and other outlets contend that having a lover in secret isn’t Nokia’s style. So, for the time being, the best anyone can do is take a side and stick to it.


By Meera