‘Baba Booey’ from the Howard Stern Show appears to have dealt with a number of family issues over the years. Gary Dell Abate’s life has been full with catastrophes, whether it was his son’s rehab situation or a personal loss that pushed him to get more involved in AIDS awareness and educational initiatives.

The Situation of Gary Dell Abate’s Younger Son in Rehab

Gary’s younger son Lucas, according to a Reddit conversation, was in rehab. A user inquired as to why Lucas, at the age of 22, was in his sophomore year of high school. While some people speculated that he was simply taking a break from school, others speculated that he was in treatment for a drug problem.

Despite this, no one from the family has formally addressed the rumor’s reality.

Gary Dell Abate has a second son

Other than Lucas, Gary has two more family members. Mary Caracciolo, now Mary Dell Abate, has been the radio producer’s wife since 1992. She gives a lot of her time to numerous organizations and schools as a volunteer. She is also a graphic artist who offers painting workshops to Greenwich elementary school students.

The couple has two children together. Lucas works as a DJ, and Jackson, the older son, works at Netflix.

Gary Dell Abate’s AIDS Awareness Campaign Participation

Aside from the rehab allegations, another tragedy in ‘Baba Booey’s personal life is the death of a family member.

Steven, Gary’s brother, was diagnosed with HIV-AIDS in 1990. He stated that he didn’t know much about AIDS when he initially learned about his brother’s illness. He used to believe that the disease could be passed by shaking hands with an infected individual, but following the diagnosis, he discovered that this was not the case.

Gary made it a point to try to save his brother in whatever way he could once he was diagnosed. As a result, he contacted everyone he knew in an attempt to find a method to assist his brother, all the while hoping that one of them may tell him anything he didn’t already know. He soon discovered, however, that this was not the case. He also conceded that there was little the family could do at the moment.

Steven was eventually taken to a hospital for better care when he became too unwell. They were also confronted with another issue that made it more difficult to bear: prejudice against AIDS.

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Gary Dell Abate joined an AIDS awareness group due to prejudice

Because of this bias, the nurses refused to care for Steven and were upset that he had been admitted in the first place. As a result, they had to transfer him to a floor allocated only for AIDS patients. However, even that was difficult because it quickly began to affect the entire family.

Steven died in January 1991 due to the incurable nature of AIDS and the other complications that come with it. By that time, the family had learnt how callous and harsh the world was when it came to the condition.

Gary chose to join forces with LIFEbeat – The Music Industry Fights AIDS in an attempt to educate people about the disease in order to alter that, and he has been a part of it ever since. LIFEbeat is an AIDS awareness group that performs at concerts and sponsors MTV PSAs to educate the next generation about AIDS and dispel long-held beliefs about the disease.

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By Meera