Rebecca Olson Gupta is the woman behind the success of Dr. Sanjay Gupta, an American neurosurgeon who is now a CNN chief medical correspondent. During his shift to television, she taught her husband the fundamentals of being on camera.

Olson Gupta works as a lawyer

Rebecca is best known as the wife of Dr. Sanjay Gupta, but most people are unaware that she is also a renowned family law attorney. Her main area of expertise is family law. She is also an expert in general litigation.

Rebecca graduated from the University of Michigan in 1994 after attending Novi High School in Michigan. She then went on to get her J.D. (Juris Doctor Degree), the highest law degree in the United States, at the University of South Carolina.

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Their wedding was a traditional Indian affair

The attorney met her spouse for the first time at Rick’s Cafe in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dr. Sanjay wrote her a poem and requested that she read it. He got down on one knee and proposed to her when she got to the last line. Following that, the couple decided on a traditional Indian wedding.

On May 15, 2004, the ceremony took place at The Shell House at Ashley Hall, a private girls’ institution in Charleston, South Carolina. Dr. Sanjay arrived at the wedding on a horse with his baraat, as is customary (wedding procession). To make the vows, he even circled the holy fire with Rebecca.

Rebecca gave birth to her first child, a daughter called Sage Ayla, in 2005. Sky Anjahi and Soleil Asha, her two new daughters, have joined the family.

Unwavering Support for Her Husband’s Career

Rebecca has always been a strong supporter of her husband’s career, and he has thanked her on numerous occasions. For example, when discussing his initial struggles adapting to working in television with Parade, he emphasized his wife’s assistance.

Dr. Sanjay explained that she was the one who advised him to treat the camera lens as if it were a patient and speak to it like he would his subjects. Rebecca’s advice worked wonders, and he was able to undertake the part with ease from then on.

Rebecca linked up with her husband at an event at the University of Michigan on January 31, 2018, as her husband’s partner-in-crime.

The program was part of a larger attempt to use new ideas and methods to solve difficulties in health communication.

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