kim go-eun and lee min ho together forever

Fans want Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun to date in real life because they have done such an excellent job in their respective roles. Because of their blazing and believable on-screen chemistry, the leads of the Korean drama The King: Eternal Monarch are thought to be dating.

Because they have brought their characters to life so well, fans want Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun to date in real life.

Despite the fact that the co-stars appear to enjoy each other’s company, is the rumor that Min-ho is Go-lover eun’s true?

Kim Go-eun and Lee Min-ho Neither of The Co-stars Have Accepted Dating Rumors

The chemistry between Go-eun and Min-seamless ho was one of the main reasons for the Korean drama’s enormous popularity. The interplay of the show’s characters kept the audience interested.

Fans were so taken with the lead couple that they proposed a date, despite the fact that some claimed they were already dating.

kim go-eun and lee min ho together forever
(kim go-eun and lee min ho together forever) Picture from: Pinterest

On May 8, 2020, Min-ho posted a photo with the Goblin actress on Instagram, giving his followers a glimpse into his friendship with his co-star. Despite several rumors and suspicions that the two co-stars of The King are dating, neither has confirmed nor denied their relationship.

Lee Min-ho Isn’t Bothered by Dating a Co-Star

To avoid the complications that come with dating a fellow co-star, many actors adhere to a strict rule of maintaining a platonic relationship with the actors with whom they work.

But things aren’t the same for the I Am Sam actor. Min-relationship ho’s with his co-stars has made him the talk of the town on numerous occasions.

kim go-eun and lee min ho
(kim go-eun and lee min ho) Picture from: Pinterest

Min-ho, for example, had a romantic relationship with City Hunter co-star Park Min-young. On a similar note, he dated Vagabond co-star Bae Suzy in 2015.

The Reunion of ‘The King’ Cast

Aside from rumors of these two attractive people dating, The King: Eternal Monarch’s reunion has sparked a lot of interest.

Following the drama’s conclusion in June 2020, the cast (including Lee Min-ho, Kim Go-eun, Woo Do-hwan, and others) reunited for a dinner in November 2020.

Min-ho and Go-eun both posted the same photo from the celebration on their Instagram accounts.

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