Simon Lane

Who is Simon Lane?- Biography

Simon Lane is a gaming specialist from the United Kingdom and the co-founder of the popular YouTube gaming channel ‘Yogscast.’ Simon Lane is well-known for his ability to play a dwarf in any scenario. He’s also known for his abilities as a strongman, entertainer, astronaut, and aspiring musician.

When was Simon Lane Born? Early life, Siblings, Birthplace, Parents

Simon Lane was born on March 14, 1978, in New York City. Simon Charles Lane is his full name. He was born in England and will turn 43 in 2021. Pisces is his zodiac sign. Lane is an outspoken atheist. He owns a dog named Ollie and several cats. He also has a sibling, whose name has not been published. There is no information about his family history.

Simon looks to be an excellent mathematician, probably as a result of his astrophysics studies, as seen by his ability to perform complex calculations fast in multiple videos. Simon’s general knowledge is actually rather impressive. Throughout multiple series, he exhibits his knowledge of Literature, including a good understanding of Shakespeare, Film, from the Tap! Heads Up Video, and World History and News.

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All facts of Simon Lane

Full Name: Simon Lane
Born Date: 14 Mar 1978
Age: 43 years
Horoscope: Pisces
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Stone: Aquamarine
Lucky Color: Sea Green
Best Match for Marriage: Cancer, Scorpio
Gender: Male
Profession: Gamer, Co-Founder Of Yogscast Ltd
Country: England
Net Worth $1 million
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Nationality British
Siblings a brother
Facebook Simon Lane Facebook
Twitter Simon Lane Twitter
Youtube Simon Lane Youtube
Personal Web Simon Lane Personal Web

Professional life and career

Simon once joked that his father’s name is Alan during a YoGPoD episode, but this is not a verifiable fact. He also stated that as a child, he aspired to be an astronaut. He was recommended to pursue a career in insurance by a career advisor when he was in high school. During his time at Cardiff University, he failed an astrophysics course.

He was booted out of a radio show while at university after calling the DJ a bastard live on air because he interrupted an Alanis Morissette song. Simon shared a residence with a housemate in the early years of Yogscast. In addition to “Honeydew,” Simon Lane used the online moniker “Alejandew” for a brief period in 2010. This name was inspired by Lady Gaga’s song “Alejandro.”

Simon’s ‘Yogscast’, situated in Bristol, is a media production firm and video game publisher. The channel gained fame as a result of a video relating to the “MMORPG World of Warcraft.” However, it is now linked with sandbox games such as ‘Minecraft,’ ‘Garry’s Mod,’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ among others. YoGPoD, the podcast spin-off of the YouTube series of videos known as Yogscast, is his passion.

His YouTube account and further information.

On July 9, 2008, Simon Lane and his companion Lewis Brindley began uploading films. Yogscast is a YouTube channel that features comedic and humorous videos, and it made history in the United Kingdom by hitting the 1 billion views milestone in 2012. Simon is the key character of the BlueXephos YouTube channel, whose content appears harmless and light at first glance but, upon deeper inspection, exposes a twist: it’s a touch aggressive with double meanings.

Simon Lane
Simon Lane and his friend (picture from Twitter)

‘Simon Sings’ and ‘Simon Plays’ are the two types of videos he does. Simple ‘Let’s Play’ videos of numerous computer/console games are featured in the ‘Simon Plays’ series. These games have a story thread that runs throughout the video and is occasionally narrated by a character.

The series “Simon Sings” is a compilation of musical interludes. Simon imitates a cat being used to clean a rug with his voice. He exhibits his mind in these videos. He enjoys Jaffa Cakes, for example, which he has highlighted in numerous films. Lewis helped him create a Jaffa Cake Factory in their Tekkit series because of his love for Jaffa Cakes.

Furthermore, after they hit 1 million subscribers, Lewis shot Simon’s bedroom light with a confetti pistol in another video. Simon states in one of the films that he has a cardboard cutout of the ‘Doctor Who’ character Amy Pond in his bedroom. He has mentioned his relationship with Amy on several occasions. Simon indicated that he still had the cutout during the ‘Rezzed 2014 Q&A’ session, however in March 2016, Simon remarked on Twitter that the cutout had to be recycled since a cat had entered his house and urinated on it.

Missing from Youtube

In March 2015, Simon Lane took a vacation from the Yogscast, explaining his absence in a video. In the video, he explains that his break was caused by unidentified medical issues that resulted from an unplanned hospital visit. He was released from the hospital a few weeks later, but there is evidence that he wished to rest. It was necessary to take some time off before getting back to actively working on video content.

In a June Yogscast video, he merely stated that he was improving and that his pals hoped he would recover completely soon. Simon made his first appearance in 6 months in the first episode of Trials Of Skobbels on September 25, when he returned to filming YouTube videos.

Despite his comeback to various programs on the main channel, he had a reduced role in Yogscast projects during his recovery in 2016. In March 2017, he went on another break before returning to the stream on June 9th. Simon, on the other hand, has appeared on the main channel less regularly since his last break. He used to show up in about every video on this channel. He’s mostly been seen in the Chilluminati streams, the Game Goblin series, and some GTA V and Trouble in Terrorist Town videos since then.

What is the Net worth of Simon Lane? Salary

Without a doubt, he makes a substantial amount of money from his YouTube videos. He could make money from other sources as well, but he hasn’t stated any. His net worth, on the other hand, is reported to be around $1 million.

Simon Lane: Relationship, Girlfriend, Love Story

Simon Lane used to be a smoker. In some episodes of YoGPoD, he no longer smokes and instead takes nicotine tablets. He is nearsighted, which means his eyes require different lens strengths. As a result, one eye seems to be larger than the other. Simon is more concerned with his profession than with his personal life. Most of Simon’s supporters, on the other hand, believe he has a wife and a daughter.

On January 8, 2019, Lewis Brindley posted an Instagram photo of himself kissing Simon’s girlfriend. Their admirers began to mistrust their sexuality as a result of this.

How tall is Simon Lane? Height, Weight, Hair color

Simon Lane’s precise height and weight have yet to be revealed to the public. He has a wonderful personality. He has brown eyes and blonde hair. He also hasn’t revealed any of his other physical measurements, such as his chest, waist, and hips, as well as his shoe and garment sizes.

Social Media

When it comes to his social media presence, Simon Lane is active on a variety of channels. On Twitter, he has over 245K followers under the handle @SimonHoneydew. He’s also on Facebook, where he has over 152K followers. However, he does not appear to be active on Instagram. His YouTube channel, ‘YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon,’ has over 7.21 million subscribers.

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