Lee Seung Gi, a multi-talented Korean actor, has re-entered the dating scene following a five-year hiatus from his previous romance. His newly reported connection with another Korean showbiz personality, on the other hand, hasn’t been perfect.

In for a date with Lee Da While

In late May 2021, the first reports of Seung Gi dating another woman surfaced. Various Korean news outlets began reporting that Seung Gi was dating another actress. Lee Da In is the actress in question, and it was also reported at the time that they had been dating for a while. However, there were different reports as to how long that took.

Da In had been his lover for almost a year, according to AllKpop. However, according to Soompi, who cited another source, they had just been dating since the end of 2020. They even reported a source close to Da In’s agency, 9Atoo Entertainment, as stating that the couple met when they were seniors and juniors, but only started getting closer and knowing each other in the last ‘five or six months,’ bonding over their shared love of golf.

Soompi even shared some photos of the two together, supposedly taken by Dispatch in the fall of 2020, where they were seen with Seung Gi’s grandmother.

It’s even been suggested that they’re getting married

Almost as soon as the dating rumors appeared and were confirmed, speculation about them becoming husband and wife began to circulate. This rumor was sparked by a real-estate investment Seung Gi made a few months back.

Insight stated on May 25, 2021, that Seung Gi had purchased a $5.8 million ‘detached house’ at the end of 2020. This purchase corresponds to the start of the couple’s relationship, which sparked marriage speculations.

Human Made, the Mouse actor’s agency, came to the couple’s rescue barely two days later. They verified the two were ‘at the stage where they are gently getting to know one another’ in a statement, but warned against believing unconfirmed claims, citing the nuptial rumors as an example.

Relationships aren’t for everyone

It hasn’t even been a week since Seung Gi and Da In announced their romance, and the backlash has already begun.

A loud minority of the actor’s fans has expressed their dissatisfaction with him and his relationship. According to The Korea Times’ Dong Sun-hwa, some fans believe his connection with Da In would tarnish his “wholesome” image.

This uproar was sparked by Da In’s stepfather’s shattered reputation, which stemmed from his time in prison for illegal activities a few years ago. Fans were concerned that if Seung Gi continued to date Da In, his 17-year career would be ‘ruined,’ and begged him to’make a swift decision’ and end their relationship.

Some supporters even went to the bother of sending a truck to his neighborhood in Seoul. They scrawled a statement on the truck’s side that suggested he should ‘know better,’ in reference to his dating situation.


After Almost Five Years, She Has Been Seen Dating

This is the first time the Korean star has been publicly spotted with anyone in roughly five years. In April of 2015, he was in a relationship for the last time.

Between 2013 and 2015, Seung Gi dated Yoona (Yoon Ah), a member of Girls’ Generation. Due to their busy schedules, they began dating in October 2013 and split up in April 2015.’


By Meera