Sujata Birla

Who is Sujata Birla?- Biography

Sujata Birla was the famed Indian Birla family’s daughter. Sujata Birla was also the famous Indian businesswoman Jay Mehta’s celebrity wife.

When was Sujata Birla Born? Early life, Siblings, Birthplace, Parents

Sujata Birla’s precise date of birth, age, zodiac sign, and birthplace are unknown. She did, however, come from a prominent Indian family, which is well-known. Her family, the Birlas, has a long history in the South Asian country’s industrial and social history. Sujata Shloka Birla was also her full name.

Accidents and fatalities

Sujata was tragically killed in a car accident in 1990. The plane crash that killed her on Flight 605 in 1990 was the cause of her death. Sujata’s parents and herself were killed in a car accident in Bangalore on February 14, 1990.

When it came to her family, her parents were Ashok Vardan and Sunanda, who both died in the tragedy. Rameshwar Das Birla was her paternal grandfather, and Gajanan, Yashovardhan, and Vedant were her paternal uncles. Sujata’s sisters, on the other hand, are unknown.

Yashovardhan (Yash) Birla is Sujata’s younger brother. After losing all of his family members, her brother went through a lot of hardships. Only after Yash and Avanti welcomed their children did he find peace. Vedant, Nirvaan, and Shloka are Sujata’s nephews and nieces through Yash. Yash found peace only after the birth of their daughter Shloka, who was named after Sujata. Sujata’s brother was convinced that both Sujata and their mother had returned to his life.

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All facts of Sujata Birla

Full Name: Sujata Birla
Death Date: February 14, 1990
Gender: Female
Profession: Daughter of Birla Family, Celebrity sibling of Yash Birla, First wife of Jay Mehta
Country: India
Marital Status: married
Husband Jay Mehta
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity South Asian (Indian)
Religion Hinduism
Father Ashok Vardan Birla
Mother Sunanda Birla
Siblings One (brother Yash/Yashovardhan Birla)

Professional Life and Career

Sujata Birla is well-known as Jay Mehta’s celebrity ex-wife. Furthermore, she is recognized as a member of the illustrious Birla family, which is well-known throughout the country for its contributions to economic and social growth.

Sujata’s family has been involved in philanthropy since the 1880s. The Birla family donated more than 100,000 rupees to establish goshalas in Kolkata, which was the start. Cow-protection shelters are known as goshalas.

Sujata Birla
Sujata Birla’s wedding (picture from Birla Healthcare)

Sujata’s family began to encourage education in the early 1900s. Sujata’s family started educational charities in Kolkata and Mumbai thanks to the influence of Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya. In addition, the family partnered with Jamnalal Bajaj.

Sujata’s family constructed the first high school in Pilani in 1918. The current name of the institution is Birla School Pilani, and it is one of the country’s oldest schools. In addition, the Birla Education Trust (BET) currently operates various schools around the country.

Kolkata, Pilani, Greater Noida, Odisha, Mesra, Akhara, Bhiwani, Jaipur, Worli, Delhi, and Haldwani are among the Indian cities where BET has constructed educational and health institutes.

More information

Sujata’s family also assisted in the establishment of a Sanskrit library in Benares as well as a library in Kolkata. Her family was also honored for their financial contributions to the Indian independence movement. Sujata’s family is also known for constructing temples (also known as Birla Temples) in various major Indian towns.

Sujata’s brother, Yash Birla, established the Sujata Birla Hospital & Medical Research Center in 1995. It was founded in the remembrance of Sujata Birla and is located in Nashik. This establishment is one of Nashik’s most advanced tertiary care centers.

It is also the Yash Birla Society’s flagship social program. Furthermore, this institution places a premium on clinical services, diagnostic facilities, and research. Multispecialty therapies are available at Sujata Birla Hospital & Medical Research Center for a very reasonable price.

Sujata is well-known for being Jay Mehta’s first wife, in addition to her family. Her husband is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur. Jay rose to prominence as the spouse of Juhi Chawla, a well-known Bollywood actress.

What is the Net worth of Sujata Birla? Salary

Moving ahead, there is no confirmed information about Sujata’s earnings or net worth. Jay Mehta, her then-husband, is reported to have a net worth of $250 million dollars. Similarly, her brother, Yash Birla, has an estimated net worth of $8.5 billion US dollars.

Sujata Birla: Relationship, Husband, Love Story

Sujata Birla was married to Jay Mehta from 1960 till her death in 1990. Her husband is currently married to Juhi Chawla, a well-known Bollywood actress. In the year 1995, Jay and Juhi married. In 2001, Juhi gave birth to her daughter Jahnavi Mehta, and in 2003, she gave birth to her son Arjun Mehta. There is no information on whether Sujata and Jay Mehta had any children together during their marriage.

How tall is Sujata Birla? Height, Weight, Hair color

Sujata Birla’s height at the time of her death was reported to be around 5 feet 4 inches. Aside from that, there is no verifiable information about the Birla family’s daughter’s other physical measurements, such as her chest-waist-hip measurements, dress size, shoe size, weight, and so on. Furthermore, the late Birla daughter had dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Social Media

Sujata Birla does not have a personal profile on any of the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube. The public’s use of the internet was quite rare at the time of her death. Furthermore, social media platforms were not introduced or widely used when Sujata was alive. As a result, Sujata didn’t have any social media accounts.

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