Ts Madison Hinton, commonly known as Maddie, is an LGBT activist, entrepreneur, and recording artist from the United States. Her Vine clip, New Weave 22 Inches, went viral and made her famous on the internet. Madison came out as a transgender woman in the video, exposing her naked body.

She’s been an internet personality/influencer since then, speaking out on human rights issues affecting the LGBT community. She has also released an EP titled “The New Supreme” and authored an autobiography titled “A Light Through the Shade: An Autobiography of a Queen.”

She was also honored at the 2016 Transgender Erotica Awards with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award.’ She was also named one of Out magazine’s “Top 100 Influential LGBT People” in 2019.

Madison’s Early Years, Family, and Age

Madison was born in Miami, Florida, on October 22, 1977. Her single mother reared her and she considers her mother to be her greatest strength.

In a December 2017 interview with HuffPost, the actress discussed her experiences growing up in a single-parent home without a father. She even talked about how her mother taught her to keep her head up and overcome her challenges.

She taught me to hold my head up and to believe that I am capable of anything. I encountered many seemingly insurmountable difficulties during my life and transition, yet here I am now, a strong, beautiful trans woman of color.

Madison, on the other hand, has kept her parents out of the spotlight by not sharing any additional information about them.

Former Adult Actress

Madison is a former adult actress who is now an outspoken LGBT campaigner. She began her career as an adult performer, and she is unapologetically proud of her sex worker beginnings. She is also frequently outspoken about her personal encounters with trans persons and the broader public.

Madison spoke with HuffPost in March 2016 on her transition from adult entertainment to trans-influencer.

My history is in the adult entertainment industry, which I am proud of and unafraid to admit because I believe that what we have done in America with trans people is to ignore the’real’ trans people who started it all.

She also stated that the sex business is a major source of transgender women in the United States. She was, however, one of those females who converted her employment into a brand, since she controlled an adult entertainment firm, a production company, and the rights to her photographs and movies.

Madison even started a premium sexual entertainment website in 2004 and created, starred in, and distributed films and photographs on the internet on her own. She founded Raw Dawgg Entertainment (RDE) Multimedia Group in 2009 and hosted The Queens Court show.

I’m pleased of that since there are times when girls get involved in the adult entertainment industry as puppets rather than puppeteers…

Because I can now tell you, “I did that, I did that.” And even though I’m no longer in that business, I continue to profit from it.

Adult Actress to Social Media Personality Transition

Madison progressively turned her career towards music after a period in adult entertainment, and she also dabbled in hostessing, vlogging, and philanthropy.

Her large fan following from her previous job as an adult star also aided her in her new endeavor. “They’ve been there since I was an adult performer, then a business owner, and now I’m a writer and all of these things,” she told HuffPost. So I’d categorically state that Ts Madison is an entertainer.”

One of her Vine clips, New Weave 22 Inches, went viral on the internet in 2013, providing her with the ideal venue to demonstrate her many talents. Following that, she became increasingly active on social media accounts, first on Vine, then on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. She has performed self-interviews and addressed themes such as the trans adult services sector and the LQBTQ+ community on her YouTube channel.

Her transformative path also included a cameo appearance on Kandi Koated Nights’ season finale in 2011 and an interview with Examiner magazine in December 2013.
Furthermore, the Vine celebrity was invited to host gay pride celebrations in Springfield, Missouri, and Toronto.

Career in Music

Madison describes herself as an ambitious artist who is “still in the early stages, with a lot of room to improve” when it comes to her music career.

In an interview with HuffPost, the social media celebrity explained that her 2014 extended play (EP) ‘The New Supreme’ was simply a taste of what she has to offer musically.

I feel that if we devote enough time and effort to TS Madison, we have the capacity to conquer the world.

‘RuPaul’s Butch Queen,’ ‘The Queens Supreme Court Theme Song,’ ‘Pop That [explitive],’ ‘Khia’s Next Caller, feat. TS Madison,’ and ‘Feeling My Fish’ are among Madison’s other significant musical endeavors.


Madison made her way into the entertainment industry after becoming a popular personality on social networking networks.

In 2016, she made her acting debut in the comedy show The Comedy Show Show. The next year, she starred as Lareema in a short film called The Lady in the Locket. In the year 2020, she was seen in the film Zola, in which she portrayed the role of Hollywood.

Madison has recently embarked on her ground-breaking journey as the first black transgender woman to star in and executive produce her own reality show, The TS Madison Experience. The first episode of the show aired on WeTV on March 4, 2021.

On March 10, the reality TV actress came to Instagram to express her enthusiasm for her new program. “Once you achieve that inner peace and love for yourself, everyone else will adore you,” Madison stated from her post, which featured a clip with the show’s details and a slogan.

Madison also used the caption to slam a few people who had been spreading hate against her and her shows. “I’m authentically ME and Ion give a F % *k who don’t like it!” she stated in the caption. Everyone else who mattered fell in line when I learnt to love myself!!”

The young actress also thanked WeTV for giving her a platform to express herself in the later half of the post.

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Madison’s estimated net worth

Madison’s net worth has not been released by Madison or the media, but it is clear from her social media and her colorful lifestyle that she carries a large purse.

As a social media figure, singer, and artist, related works and sponsorships account for the majority of my earnings. She has also created personalized merchandise for her admirers. The trans actress also has a Patreon account, which is a business platform that allows content creators to establish a subscription service for their fans.

Fans can have access to behind-the-scenes events, TV taping, and intimate one-on-one interactions with her through her Patreon subscription.

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