yoga to the West

Today, the term ‘Yoga’ appears everywhere, with a wide range of options: Hot yoga, Power yoga, Kundalini yoga, Hatha yoga, Mindfulness, and so on.

Practices from the East’s gut, primarily India and Tibet, are gaining Westerners’ trust in a completely different form. Unlike in the East, where practices are centered on spiritual connection, yoga is centered on emotional and mental well-being for westerners.

With yoga practically sweeping the western world under its rigid feet, it’s interesting to speculate on how yoga gained popularity in the west. To understand how yoga grew to a global audience of over 20 million people in the Western world, we must first trace its origins and modern adaptations.

Ambassador of yoga to the West

Because they lack a proper foundation to begin the subject, Western culture speaks very little about Yogic practices. However, when Indians traveled to the western world in the nineteenth century, they successfully spread their spiritual practices. People from the west traveled to the east in the mid-nineteenth century to study their civilization. They conducted extensive research and study before returning to the west and sharing their findings.

After a two-month journey from Bombay, the Indian Yogi, Narendranath Datta (Vivekananda), arrived in Chicago in 1893, dressed in ochre robes and a turban. The young mystic made an electrifying debut as one of the West’s first “ambassadors of yoga.”

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Time WhenYoga Was Introduced

The filmmakers of AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda discussed a long-planned line of Himalayan masters to send Paramahansa Yogananda to the West to introduce ‘Kriya Yoga.’ Yogananda spoke about “The Science of Religion” in Boston in 1920.

The Awakening of Western Love for Yoga- Know how Yoga Won Over The West!!
(The Awakening of Western Love for Yoga- Know-how Yoga Won Over The West!!) Picture from: Pinterest

It was at a time when people in the West were just beginning to investigate quantum physics – a language for understanding energy and consciousness, which is a key component of yoga. As a result, these two ideas complemented one another and played a significant role in awakening the West.

Progressive Nature of Yoga

Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana- _Dolphin Plank Pose_
(Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana- _Dolphin Plank Pose_ ) Picture from: Pinterest

Yoga practices are adaptable and change depending on the master’s intention. Yoga can be done by anyone, including children, the elderly, the sick/unhealthy, and even the fit, due to its progressive nature. As a result, it is popular and easily incorporated into people’s lives.

Purpose and Spiritual Questions on Yoga

Yoga is associated with a deeper essence that helps people consider how they can serve those around them. While most people in the West are racing for money and prosperity, they have little time to reflect on themselves.

When many people who practiced yoga shared their amazing experiences and talked about getting closer to themselves, it inspired many others to do the same. Initially, the idea of discovering “the real person inside me” or “knowing oneself” drew the masses to yoga.

Yoga Recognition By Science

Yoga, according to Dr. Goel, a Harvard and MIT-trained physicist-physician, can open a person’s individual (narrow) consciousness to a universal (larger) field of consciousness. She discussed the positive effects of these medication practices on our physical, mental, and emotional health.

When not only Hindu saints and Buddhist monks, but also many professors and graduates, talked about yoga, more people became interested and believed in it.

Commercialization of Yoga

Prasarita Padottanasana I- _Wide-Legged Forward Bend_
(Prasarita Padottanasana I- _Wide-Legged Forward Bend_ ) Picture from: Pinterest

Yoga was not always an easy transition in the West. While many people are still opposed to the commercialization of yoga, it is already a 27 billion dollar industry in the United States. Yoga teachers, yoga centers, and yoga studios can now be found in almost every major city, with a variety of options.

Yoga could not initially be a thing for every ordinary working individual due to its lack of availability and costs; however, its massive commercialization has made it possible for almost anyone. Yoga’s concept has also reached each individual with simple day-to-day practices through mobile applications and websites.

Promising-Effectiveness of Yoga

Liforme Yoga Mat
(Liforme Yoga Mat: Best Yoga mats to buy ) Picture from: amazon

People recovering from alcohol addiction, for example, and NBC war correspondent who healed himself from a broken back through yoga have all piqued everyone’s interest. Numerous stories of yoga assisting people in healing from physical, mental, and emotional ailments have already left a profoundly positive impression on everyone.

When put to the test, ‘Yoga never fails to deliver.’ Yoga practices are completely natural, so anyone who practices it will definitely feel the positive changes it provides. As a result, anyone who practices yoga authentically achieves the desired result and is bound to enjoy it.

Yoga Won Over The West

In the West, society is shifting away from manual labor and toward the service sector. This age puts us in front of computers, which ostensibly save us time but actually make us busier. It is difficult to find oneself in today’s fast-paced society. And, in today’s fast-paced world, mediation/Yoga has become the key to achieving mental peace.

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By Sagar