Leslie Uggams had a nearly seven-decade career, and current audiences may recognize her as Blind Al from Deadpool.

Blind Al, played by Uggams, is a sarcastic housekeeper who serves as a mother figure to Deadpool. She is well recognized for her role as Kizzy Reynolds in the critically acclaimed television series Roots. Her portrayal of Kizzy earned her a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award.

The actress was a trendsetter in the profession, having appeared in a slew of films and winning numerous honors for her memorable performances.

Her husband was by her side the entire time, applauding all of her victories. Leslie Uggams has been married to Grahame Pratt for nearly five decades, for anyone inquiring “who is Leslie Uggams’ husband.” Their love story, which can only be described as remarkable, has received a lot of attention in the media. The couple defied all difficulties of racism and discrimination, demonstrating that love triumphs overall.

Leslie Uggams’ Love Story with Her Husband

While on tour in Australia, Uggams met her husband, who was also her manager at the time. She was already a full-fledged star, having won a Tony Award. Their affection grew quickly, and they were soon engaged.

But there were a few things Uggams needed to check before she and her husband walked down the aisle.
The actress was constantly informed as a child that she could date anybody she liked, but that when it came time to marry, she should choose an African American man.

She invited Pratt to New York because she wanted to make sure his family would accept him. He got along swimmingly with her family, and they adored him. Aside from gaining her family’s okay, the Deadpool actor wanted to make sure he grasped the American tradition of interracial couples.

Pratt was oblivious of prejudice and racism in America as an Australian and assimilated well. The last thing Uggams needed was for her husband to relocate to America because she refused to leave her showbiz job.
Fortunately for her, Pratt was willing to go to any length, and they married in 1965, becoming the parents of two adult children: Danielle Pratt and Justice Pratt.

Leslie Uggams’ Thriving Marriage

After their marriage, Uggams and Pratt lived peacefully in New York, but not without adversity.
Because interracial marriage was not commonly accepted in America when they married, they received hate mail.

Those letters, according to Goalcast, were not pleasant. “I get anonymous notes about being married to a white man sometimes when I go on tour,” the actress confessed.

“I recall getting one in Detroit of all places,” she continued. It was addressed to ‘The Little Negro Entertainer’ and arrived at the club. They’re always addressed in that manner, and they’re not enjoyable to read.”

But that didn’t stop them from falling in love, as Uggams gushed to People about how clever, witty, and fearless Pratt was. Her marriage was easier because her husband was not a “American white male,” she continued. The actress revealed the secret to their long-lasting relationship: they had a lot of fun and laughed all the time.