Lynette Romero, a news reporter for KTLA, has been open about her weight loss struggle with her viewers on her broadcasts and social media. Despite some doubts at first, she has since become more vocal about her weight loss and the methods she used to achieve her goal.

She’s even admitted that she’s struggled with her weight since she was in fourth grade.

The Incredible Weight Loss Journey of Lynette Romero

Since she was in fourth grade, Channel 5’s Morning News anchor has tried her hardest to stay in shape. On KTLA’s Weekend Morning News on January 12, 2020, she discussed her weight concerns. She afterwards resorted to Instagram to discuss her problem. Se also revealed why she had never previously spoken about her weight difficulties.

She had struggled to maintain her weight since she was a child, according to her own statements. It was nearly impossible for her to focus on her fitness as she grew older and had more obligations.

She was so preoccupied with her professional and domestic responsibilities that she did not see her primary doctor in three years, despite the fact that she had been seeing him for 20 years. He informed her she looked stressed, lacked good sleep, and wasn’t fit when she finally saw him in mid-2019.

She rigorously followed the workout regimens after receiving such a positive result from her trusted doctor. She also began intermittent fasting in June 2019 and followed her doctor’s diet recommendations.

Her determination paid off, as she lost more than 50 pounds by late 2019 Despite the fact that she has lost a significant amount of weight, she continues to follow the weight reduction regimens in order to maintain her fitness.


Lynette Romero Discloses Her Weight-Loss Plan

On her social media accounts, the Los Angeles resident enjoys documenting her miraculous weight loss story. Romero not only shows off her accomplishments, but she also discusses the difficulties she encountered during her weight loss journey and the effort she had to put in to conquer them.

For example, on December 13, 2019, the television personality shared a photo of herself wearing a stunning dress after reaching her goal weight on Instagram.
She highlighted fellow journalist and fitness enthusiast Liberté Chan in the caption, saying she provided her pointers on how to pose for the camera.

Romero also uploaded a video on October 23, 2020, in which she disclosed had shed over 2 inches in her neck with the use of diet plans. She went on to say that the intermittent fasting she was doing had improved her life.

In addition to sharing her story, the University of Colorado graduate advises others to stick to correct weight loss regimens in order to stay fit and healthy. She is frequently seen counseling her colleagues and close friends to keep healthy on her Instagram account. Not only that, but there’s more.

She even conducts interviews with her followers and friends that follow keto and intermittent fasting diets.

The KTLA host believes that their fasting advice, knowledge, and experience will help those who are attempting to get stronger and healthier.


By Meera