Khaby Lame overcame Charli D’Amelio and overcame a million followers in just eight days to take the top spot on TikTok. On the app as of June 15, 2022, Lame had 140.7 million followers and D’Amelio had 141.3 million. Lame has 143.1 million at the moment, compared to D’Amelio’s 142.2 million.

The announcement was announced by the original Tiktokroom on their Instagram page, and internet users’ reactions to it were mixed. While some people cheered for Lame, others believed D’Amelio deserved to have more supporters.

He is boring, I won’t lie. One user commented in the comments section, “My biggest flex is I never followed him. Didn’t he body shame and make fun of the attributes of Asian people, another person asked?

A third user pointed out that the TikTok queen was probably less concerned with TikTok now that she was focused on her own activities. Some even asserted that Lame most likely purchased the supporters to unseat D’Amelio. Lame and D’Amelio have not yet responded to the information.

The Success of Charli D’Amelio and Khaby Lame

D’Amelio was undisputedly the most well-known user on TikTok for a long time and the site’s reigning queen. Due to her popular dance routines, she joined the app in 2019 and quickly gained a large following.

She was the first person to reach 100 million followers in 2020 and shared a video to mark the occasion. The TikToker praised her fans for supporting her during her TikTok journey as well as TikTok for enabling her to achieve this goal. She encouraged supporters to keep their support for her and that the entire experience felt strange.

Before Lame entered the app in April 2021, it seemed as though no one could compete with the TikTok queen for a very long time. Lame was a factory worker before he joined the app, but he lost his job during COVID-19. Instead of hunting for a new career in his spare time, he created videos on the app.

Lame is renowned for his non-dialogue parody clips, distinctive facial expressions, and hand palming gesture. His sense of humor helped him gain popularity quickly; according to the social media analytics platform Socialblade, he was accumulating three million followers on average every month, as opposed to D’Amelio’s one million.

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Since he was little, Khaby Lame has enjoyed making others laugh

Lame revealed in an interview that he has loved comedy and entertaining others since he was a young child.

Watching his hero Will Smith on Prince of Bel-Air gave him inspiration.

I added, “I want to be like Smith,” as I turned to face Smith. Since most creators were preoccupied with being wealthy or well-known, I wanted to make others laugh. When asked why he chose humor, Lame responded, “That was not what I wanted.

He continued by saying that he began creating videos because he loved doing them and wanted to make others laugh. He believed that the secret to his success was appreciating what he created before allowing others to enjoy it. He enjoyed reading testimonials from people who said he had improved their day. It encouraged him to maintain consistency.

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