A small business owner who runs the hoodie company Homesick.co released a video to her TikTok business profile on June 21, 2022. She said in the video that she was beginning a campaign to expose influencers who had exploited small businesses by accepting free goods.

Riley Hubatka, a well-known TikToker and former member of Hype House, was the first person she revealed.

Small-business owner accuses Riley Hubatka

The company owner asserted that on February 9, 2021, she contacted Hubatka and asked if she could give the influencer a free bespoke crewneck in exchange for social media shout-outs. On February 19, Hubatka responded and concurred; following that, the two exchanged ideas briefly in an effort to settle on a design.

The owner sent out her crewneck on April 6, 2021, and after repeatedly checking up with Hubatka to see if she had received it, the TikToker shared her item on Instagram on April 14. However, despite their agreement, Hubatka had not posted the TikTok videos, so the company owner had to get in touch with her and remind her.

Hubatka eventually indicated she will post the TikToks but couldn’t say exactly when because of her hectic schedule. Before influencers were compensated for their endorsements, according to the owner, this incident occurred.

Additionally, Hubatka had yet to post as of August. The owner requested that viewers watch part two before ending her video. She had stated: “I never intended to do this, but it’s been almost a year and a half, and I want to warn other small businesses.” in the title of the video.

Commenters from online users appeared to place the blame on the company owner, stating she ought to have been glad that Hubatka mentioned her brand on Instagram.

She defended herself, claiming that was not what they had agreed upon and that she would not have delivered Hubatka any products if she had known that she would act in that manner.

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Riley addressed the allegations

Hubatka’s reaction, which The Original Tiktokroom posted, indicates that it appears she kept her end of the bargain. As soon as she received the item, the TikToker uploaded a picture of it on social media, tagging her brand.

She also gave the owner a photo of herself wearing the item so that, in case she couldn’t, she could post it.

Hubatka responded that she was moving and addressing a number of difficulties behind the scenes that she did not want to discuss online. This is why she took so long. Given that I had already posted for her and tagged her company, posting a photo of myself in a crew neck was not a top priority for me. I believed everything was good because we had discussed it over dm, claimed the TikToker.

She then expressed regret for not being able to post the films and made it clear that she always wished to help small companies. Hubatka apologized once more and reiterated that she had a lot going on at the time of the post.

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