Val Morrison

Who is Val Morrison?- Biography

Val Morrison is an accomplished actor from the United States. Val Morrison is most known for his roles in the films “Medal of Honor: Warfighter” and “Resident Evil 6,” both released in 2012, and “Spin,” released in 2007. He is also the spouse of Summer Glau, a well-known American actress.

When was Val Morrison Born? Early life, Siblings, Birthplace, Parents

Val Morrison was born in the United States and is of Anglo-Scottish descent. He was born in the United States of America. Other than that, nothing is known about the actor’s birth date, parents’ names, siblings, or educational background. From the beginning, the actor has maintained a high level of secrecy when it comes to his most personal matters.

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All facts of Val Morrison

Full Name:Val Morrison
Country:United States
Height:6 feet 1 inch (1.85m)
Marital Status:married
WifeSummer Glau
Net Worth$50,000
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown
KidsTwo (Milena Jo and Sunny Isabou)

Professional life and career

Val Morrison’s name can also be found in the entertainment sector. “In the Name of the Son” from 2007 and “Spin” from the same year are two of his acting credits. Similarly, he appeared in the 2012 film “Medal of Honor: Warfighter.” He appeared in the film “Hollows Grove” in 2014. Morrison can also be heard as a voice actor. In the year 2012, he voiced the Serbian-speaking character J’avo in the popular game “Resident Evil 6.” However, the actor was unable to establish himself as a famous and well-known figure in the acting field. Morrison’s wife, on the other hand, is a different story.

Summer Glau is a well-known actress in the United States. Summer Glau made her first appearance on television in a cameo role as a dancer on an episode of the TV show “Angel” in 2002. Glau then caught filmmaker Joss Whedon’s attention. Then he cast her as River Tam in his critically acclaimed but short-lived television series “Firefly.” Summer reprised the role in Serenity, the show’s feature film sequel. Furthermore, Glau previously auditioned for the role of a Power Ranger in “Power Rangers Wild Force” (White Wild Force Ranger Alyssa Enrilé). Unfortunately, she lost to Jessica Rey, an actress, before meeting Whedon.

Glau then appeared on the television show “Cold Case” in the episode “Love Conquers Al.” She had a brief role in the film “Sleepover,” in which she played Shelly, a high school senior. She also played Crystal Burns in season 2 of “The Unit” and the “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” episode “What’s Eating Gilbert Grissom?” (the lover of Jeremy Erhart). Summer first appeared as Tess Doerner, a paranoid schizophrenic returnee in season 2 of “The 4400” in 2006, and she reprised the character from season 3 forward.

More on his wife’s profession

Val Morrison also made an appearance in the horror-comedy “Mammoth.” Glau then appeared in “The Initiation of Sarah,” an ABC Family television film. Glau also played Cameron Phillips in the television series “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” which premiered on January 13, 2008. The character was a Terminator infiltration squad who was sent back to protect John and Sarah Connor from Skynet. The seventh episode of the series, “The Demon Hand,” had several scenes in which Glau (as Cameron) performs a ballet dance.

In the episodes “Allison from Palmdale” and “Born to Run,” Val Morrison also played Allison Young (Cameron’s human doppelgänger). In a 2009 episode of CBS’s situation comedy “The Big Bang Theory,” the actress made a guest appearance as herself. After much speculation, it was announced on August 26, 2009 that Summer would be joining the cast of Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse” for at least two episodes in season 2’s first half. Bennett, the programmer for a competing Dollhouse, was her character at the time. Then, on March 12, 2010, it was announced that she would be cast in a prominent role on NBC’s “The Cape.”

In June 2010, she was cast as the female lead in the horror-comedy “Knights of Badassdom.” Glau also appeared on “Alphas” on July 11, 2011, as Skylar Adams, a repeating alpha and mother to Zoe Adams, as well as a former colleague of Dr. Rosen and Nina. After that, Summer Glau voiced Kara Zor-El in the DC Comics original animated feature “Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.” She was also seen in the Netflix crime series “Wu Assassins” as Miss Jones, a figure that appeared on multiple occasions.

What is the Net worth of Val Morrison? Salary

Val Morrison is a well-known actor with a net worth of around $500,000. His acting job is also his principal source of income. However, there is no information about his earnings or assets. An average American actor, on the other hand, earns roughly $40 thousand per year. Summer Glau, on the other hand, has a staggering net worth of $4 million. She and her family are currently living a luxurious and quiet life.

Val Morrison: Relationship, Wife, Love Story

Val Morrison is currently married and content. Summer Glau, a stunning American actress, is his wife. Glau is most known for her roles in “Firefly,” “Serenity,” “The 4400,” and “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” among other shows. In the year 2014, the couple married. They were even dating for a while before finally marrying each other. Similarly, the couple had completed their engagement and were making plans for their wedding. It was during this time that the couple learned that Glau was expecting their first child. Fortunately, in January 2015, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Milena Jo.

Val Morrison
Val Morrison with his spouse (picture from Journalist)

Sunny Isabou, the couple’s second child, was born in October 2017 after a wait of more than two years. After then, the four-person family has been living happily together ever since. Summer Glau has previously been involved with Cooper Gross and Daniel Wisler in a variety of relationships. Aside than that, little is known about their previous relationships. Furthermore, the pair has never been involved in any scandals or issues. They have been projecting a positive image in front of the public.

How tall is Val Morrison? Height, Weight, Hair color

Morrison’s physical characteristics include brown hair and blue eyes. Similarly, he stands roughly 6 feet 2 inches (1.89 m) tall. His weight, shoe size, clothing size, and other bodily measurements, on the other hand, are unknown. Val has a muscular body type and a fair complexion. He also has a dashing demeanor and a really attractive face. His appearance is also one of the key reasons why people adore him.

Social Media

When it comes to the actor’s appearances on social media platforms, he isn’t very active. Val Morrison is not a fan of Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Summer Glau, on the other hand, is active on several social media networks. Val does not appear to be an attention seeker or someone who is interested in becoming famous. Furthermore, there are only a handful of photos of him on the internet.

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