After confronting Kanye West about his remark that slavery was a choice, Van Lathan became a household name. Then, after being dismissed from TMZ, he gained a whole new level of exposure. But it wasn’t simply for that that Lathan was the talk of the town. When the 40-year-old television celebrity revealed having someone in his life in 2018, it piqued people’s interest.

Let’s see if the individual he mentioned in his interview is still with him. Also, you should know why he was fired from the site.

Is Van Lathan’s Fiancee still with him?

Although it is unclear at this time, Van Lathan did have a fiancee in 2018.

In 2018, when he was a guest on The Breakfast Club podcast, his friend and program host Charlamagne stated that he and his partner were on vacation to Anguilla. After that, Charlamagne disclosed that he was with his wife, whereas Lathan was with his fiance. So, Charlamagne’s day proves that he had a fiancee back then.

However, he hasn’t spoken about his relationship since then, leaving us with little information regarding his present relationship status.

Kanye West’s Dissension Van Lathan was the center of attention

When Van Lathan debated Kanye West on TMZ Live in May of 2018, his fame skyrocketed. He challenged Kanye about his remark that slavery in the United States was a choice. “Kanye West had reacted,” he said “When you hear about 400 years of slavery… 400 years of slavery? That appears to be a viable option. It’s all of you since you’ve been there for 400 years. It’s as if we’re mentally incarcerated.”

Lathan expressed his dissatisfaction with Kanye’s statements and expressed his disagreement with him. The situation quickly escalated, and people were eager to learn more about the altercation. Later, he appeared on The Mike and Donny Show to talk about his feud with Kanye West. Lathan said on television that Kanye is wrong about his views on slavery because their forefathers didn’t have many options back then.

He also admitted that at the time, he was hesitant to listen to Kanye’s songs. But he overcame it, putting aside their differences of opinion since music was too important to him.

The conflicts, however, were not the first time Lathan expressed his views on race. In a June 2020 interview with Interview magazine, he also discussed his conflicting views on racial equality. He believes that racial justice, rather than racial equality, is a preferable goal for America.

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After a physical altercation with a ‘TMZ Live co-host, Van Lathan was fired

During the filming of “TMZ Live,” still photos of the media celebrity aggressively attacking his co-host Michael Babcock surfaced in 2019. In the photo, Lathan, who was perhaps the most fascinating TMZ personality, can be seen grasping the necks of his coworkers.

When Lathan posted a cryptic message anticipating something horrible would happen, fans were alerted to the newsroom turmoil. Unfortunately, it came true when TMZ dismissed him.

But why did the feud amongst coworkers begin in the first place? It was allegedly sparked by a discussion about photos of talk show presenter Ellen Degeneres seated with former President George W Bush. However, neither the people involved nor TMZ commented on the discussion’s agenda.

Despite being fired from the network, Lathan has stated that he is grateful for the opportunity he was given at TMZ. He’s moved on since then, and he’s now working on podcasts.

He joins Ringer in 2020 as the host of two podcasts: Way Down in the Hole and Higher Learning. With Rachel Lindsay and guests on Higher Learning, he delves into the most pressing issues in black culture, politics, and sports.

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