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Freddie Highmore has taken on a variety of roles. His most famous role is perhaps that of Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The actor may be seen having an intimate moment in one of the show’s major scenes in the modern spin-off of the legendary Psycho horror franchise.

The daring sequence has also sparked widespread speculation about Highmore’s sexuality, with many people wondering if he is gay.

Intimate Gay Scene In ‘Bates Motel’ With Freddie Highmore

Freddie Highmore plays the iconic serial killer Norman Bates in Bates Motel, who was formerly portrayed with chilling precision by Anthony Perkins in legendary director Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 Psycho.

Many actors have played the serial murderer throughout the years, each bringing their own brand of evil and nuance to the role. But no one has come close to matching Highmore’s exploration of Bates Motel’s sexuality in “Psycho.”

While the sexuality of the character isn’t officially revealed in the show, the final season contains some unexpected disclosures. In Season 5, Highmore’s Norman even enjoys a kiss with another man, much to the delight of viewers. This is shocking because Norman Bates has never been revealed to be gay in any of his previous incarnations.

Furthermore, Bates is presented as a straight man who passionately talks about sleeping with women and angrily rejects gay advances throughout the five seasons of the hit A&E series. By the end of the season, viewers learned that after killing his mother in the Season 4 finale, Norman began dressing up as the deceased mother in gay bars to pick up guys.

This new facet of the character implied that the tormented antagonist had been gay for years while pretending to be Norma. The announcement was so shocking that it overshadowed Rihanna’s participation on the broadcast.

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Is Freddie Highmore Actually Gay?

Since an early age, the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actor has been acting. Despite spending so much time in the spotlight, the 28-year-old wants to keep personal matters private. There has been no mention of marriage or ongoing dating. However, the iconic musician has been romantically linked to a few well-known actresses throughout the years. (Highmore later confirmed that he was married.)

Freddie’s first relationship with Sarah Bolger ended in 2009. They both played siblings in The Spiderwick Chronicles. There were also allegations that Freddie had dated well-known actresses Dakota Fanning, Emma Roberts, and Abigail Breslin. These connections, however, have not been validated.

Freddie Highmore’s Personal Life

Freddie, unlike his peers, prefers to avoid the social media frenzy. While the former child star has an Instagram account, there are no updates or photos on it. The kissing scene from Bates Motel would probably not have sparked all of this needless talk on the actor’s sexual inclinations if the Good Doctor star had shared some views into his hitherto hidden private life.

Regardless, Freddie prefers to keep personal information private, which is why he avoids social media. According to the actor, staying off such platforms is a purposeful and effective decision that allows him to keep a clear separation between his personal and professional lives.

In an interview with the Evening Standard, the star stated that he does not interact with Twitter followers. I just feel that it’s always helped me maintain a clear distinction between your personal life at home and your professional life.

I don’t have any of those, not even Twitter. Perhaps I should open a secret account somewhere and keep track of everything.”

Despite being thrust into the spotlight and fame of Hollywood at a young age, the celebrity has kept his cool. In the same interview, Freddie expressed gratitude to his family and friends for not allowing him to follow in the footsteps of cliched kid actors.

While he is unafraid to play any role on television, the popular child actor is humble and appropriately private about his personal life, including his sexuality and relationships.

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