Anthony Kiedis, the Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman, is known not just for his singing and lyrics, but also for his tattoos. Tattoos serve as a way for Kiedis to remember specific occasions in his life, and he has no regrets about getting any of them.

Tattoos by Kiedis and What They Mean

On his arms and over his body, Kiedis has bold, blackwork, and bright body arts with complicated motifs that are laid together in a symmetrical layout. The performer’s tattoos represent many parts and stages of his life. Several of them are connected to his heritage and reflect his perspectives on life. The Indian Chieftain’s tattoos on his arms, for example, depict his North American roots, while the Koi Fish tattoo on his forearm represents overcoming adversity.

Among the many tattoos on Kiedis’ arms, Chief Sitting Bull on his right arm was the singer’s first, dating back to the 1980s. A large cubic native-American Indian image adorns the singer’s back. On the internet, there are many different interpretations of the back tattoo. The most popular theory is that it’s an Inca/Aztec falcon, but others say it’s a Haida thunderbird or a totem pole design.

The asterisk tattoo on his right wrist is the third tattoo on the list, and it is arguably the most copied among his fans. The tattoo’s most widely accepted theory is that it is modeled on the Star of Affinity/Chaos.

The legendary singer has a Celtic-style band tattooed on his upper right arm and upper left arm, which he enjoys seeing fade with age. The one on the left arm is similar to the one on the right, except instead of a fleur-de-lys design, it has a heart.

In addition, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has a tiger tattoo on his inner right forearm that was reportedly tattooed in 2012 to help him get over a breakup with his lover. However, the tiger tattoo also symbolizes his Chinese zodiac sign and the Thai belief that tigers offer longevity and protection to those who wear them.

Apart from that, the most recent addition to his arms was a brilliantly executed Koi Carp artwork on his inner left forearm.

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Kiedis’ Tattoo Artist of Choice

Several of Kiedis’ tattoos were done by Henk Schiffmacher, alias Hanky Panky, a tattoo artist based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Schiffmacher, a close friend of Kiedis’, is a tattoo legend in his hometown and the one-stop-shop for all of Kiedis’ tattoo needs.

Kiedis’ most recent piece of body art was a pyramid, which he acquired in 2019. The tattoo artist shared a snapshot of himself working on the pyramid tattoo on Instagram.

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