Nothing says “I’m a tattoo fan” like a tattoo on your face, and Mexican musician Christian Nodal has several on his face alone. He’s now got another face tattoo to add to his collection. This time, it’s a nod to the state of Sonora, where he grew up, as well as a native tribe.

With a new face tattoo, Christian Nodal has a new look

On May 30, 2022, word spread around the internet that Nodal had gotten new tattoos on his face. A few photos and videos of the artist with a new drawing on his face surfaced on that day. On May 29, he began the process of obtaining new ink on his face.

He asked indigenous artist Nina Barnett to paint some temporary drawings across his face, going across the bridge of his nose, just before his concert that night.

“The face paint that he wears represents protection for the warriors,” Barnett said of the design. The design was inspired by the Comcaac people, an indigenous community from Mexico’s Sonora state.

“When I made this artwork, the interpretation I gave him was to wish him luck in all of his initiatives,” she explained, adding that Nodal was a nice guy who respected people.

His new tattoo, however, was not the same as the ones Barnett drew on his face. It did, however, convey the feelings expressed in the image. The new ink consists of a line of six red inverted triangles that go over the bridge of his nose.

Nodal has yet to post a photo of himself with the tattoo on Instagram, but he has shared a few selfies on his Instagram stories. His new design is plainly evident in these pictures, and it appears to be in perfect alignment with the tattoos beneath his eyes.


Why Is Christian Nodal’s Face Inked?

While Nodal has been adding tattoos to his body in recent months, he has also been erasing and covering up others. The tattoos that have been removed or covered up are mostly about his ex-fiancee, Belinda Peregrin. Nodal has previously hidden a tattoo of Belinda’s eyes on his chest. He announced in April 2022 that he had inked wings over his eyes that covered a huge section of his chest.

In February 2022, he also covered up a ‘Beli’ design near his right ear. All of these additions and cover-ups are in keeping with the reason he began getting tattoos, namely face tattoos. Getting his face tatted, he told Life & Style, was a way for him to take his devotion to the next level.

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“I take my interests to the next level. Having tattoos on your face may appear to be more extreme “While disputing that he was hiding behind his tattoos, Nodal remarked. Instead, he was simply being himself.


By Meera