On Facebook, Monifah Shelton was mourning the death of her friend Kenneka Jenkins. She should have elicited pity, but all she got was a charge of arranging her friend’s death. Was she to blame for Kenneka’s misfortune?

The 20-year-old Chicago native gained notoriety in September 2017 as a friend of Kenneka Jenkins, whose strange death sparked a media frenzy. She was the one who set up the entire plot, according to several rumor stories. A month later, she and her friends were detained by Illinois police.

It was unclear if Monifah was the true perpetrator or a claimed innocent bystander. And there was almost never another update on the procedure. Continue reading to learn more about the incident via wiki/facts.

A Girl’s Night Out Gone Wrong & Resulted in Despair

On September 10, 2017, Monifah Shelton was one of the partygoers at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Illinois. She expected to have a fantastic time, but all she got was the sadness of losing Kenneka for good. Worse, you’ve been accused of being the murderer.

The girls came at the party hoping to get high and have as much fun as they had the night before. Kenneka’s enjoyment came to an end when she was reported missing by Monifah, only to be discovered dead in the hotel’s walk-in freezer hours later. The hotel surveillance video showed her strolling about alone, but not near the walk-in freezer, raising doubts about whether she died of hypothermia as previously reported.

Comedian Sam Pang’s Secretive Married Life Has Been Revealed! Kenneka’s mother had a hard time understanding her daughter’s death and the suspected cause of death.

It was also difficult for social media users to believe the tragedy was an accident. They boarded, pointing fingers at Monifah based on a rumor report about the true cause.
The Accusation Was Mentioned In A Facebook Post; Seriously! Monifah expressed her love and concern for her late friend on Facebook and Instagram.

However, it all came down to a live Facebook video accusing her of murdering the same friend.

While Kenneka’s case was on fire, one of the partygoers uploaded a video on Facebook depicting the scenario at the party. The viewers claimed to have heard her cries for assistance, which were drowned out by the loud music. Some even claimed that the sound of a toilet flush was disturbing the pleas.

Several headlines sprang up on the case right out of the box once the video went viral. Monifah arranged up the murder for $200 with a plot that included rape and organ harvesting after the death, according to one of the most unexpected claims.

During the investigation, any proofs that were close to the story were brought up. Monifah, of course, had a flipped up opinion on the subject.

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The Other Side Of The Tale Monifah Shelton contributed to this article

Monifah used Facebook and Instagram to express her love for her deceased friend. She boldly stated that the closeness they enjoyed was comparable to that of sisters. Her posts would have been very plausible and even touching if there had been no rumors.

Despite the charges, she continued to mourn Kenneka’s death. She even staged a suicide fake by posting a photo on Facebook with the statement “I feel compelled to accompany the deceased buddy.”

Perhaps she was only trying to vent her frustration. She also didn’t miss an opportunity to comment on the growing rumor. She wrote a lot in defense of herself.

I’m not throwing fingers at anyone, but this shit hurt so terrible to Kno u were just enjoying yourself with ur bestfriend while I haven’t been outside in a long time y’all need to shut tf up bro.

Fr I’m sick of all this nonsense y’all want to hear y’all self-talk just pray help I’ve been doing everything I can to find her I never thought something like this would happen it could of been any of us I hate this even happening I hate when even went im trying bro and I will never hide anything just pray I know he hears us god we need u right now.”

Kenneka’s death remained a mystery, but if Monifah was the true perpetrator, she would not have gone without a’murderer’ tag in her biography.

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