Candace Nelson, star of Netflix’s Sugar Rush, began her career in the culinary industry in 2005 with her husband. Despite having modest beginnings, the pastry chef’s initial endeavor, Sprinkles Cupcakes — widely regarded as one of the first cupcake bakeries — quickly grew into a chain with 31 locations.

Together with her entrepreneur husband, Charles Nelson, the two have developed a sweet confectionary empire of cupcakes and treats.

Candace’s business partner is also her husband

On the famed baker’s Instagram account, the Cupcake Wars judge is married to Charles Nelson, who is typically portrayed as a media-shy hubby and business partner. Candace, who has appeared on series such as Sugar Rush and Cupcake Wars, is more at ease in front of the camera than Nelson. But it appears that the couple’s differences end there. The couple has a lot in common; for example, they both left their jobs as investment bankers to pursue a career in the food industry.

Furthermore, they are both striving for success, and their simple 2005 bread shop has been a spectacular success.

In a YouTube upload, the Sprinkle Cupcake owner describes how the pair was taken aback by their business’s immediate success. Sprinkles was sold out within hours of opening.

According to spouse Charles Nelson’s blog, their overnight triumph turned their business into a global phenomenon

The two entrepreneurs, however, did not stop there. They opened the Michelin-award winning pizza restaurant Pizzana, men’s athletic gear line Willy California, ed-tech startup Play2Progress, and CN2 Ventures, which invests in talents to create consumer brands, according to Nelson’s blog.

The married couple has had mainly smooth sailing, but the creative combination shows no signs of slowing down as they continue to produce successful concepts.

Cupcake ATM was born as a result of Candace’s pregnancy craving

The talented confectioner’s accomplishments extend beyond the aforementioned cupcake businesses and reality cooking series. Candace Nelson was also the one who introduced the world to the cupcake ATM and the cupcake truck. When the talented businesswoman couldn’t find a way to satisfy her pregnancy appetite, she came up with the idea for the former. The reality star revealed how cupcake ATM came to be in an interview with Laurel Mintz.

I developed a late-night pregnancy hunger while pregnant with my second baby. I couldn’t get my midnight cupcake fix even as the founder of Sprinkles! “There has to be a way,” I reasoned, and thus the Cupcake ATM was born. Before introducing it in 2012, we spent two years improving it.

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Candace’s Marital Happiness Secrets

Candace and Charle’s connection has remained strong after 17 years of working together. Even with the constraints presented by the global pandemic, the couple has made the best of it.

Boulanger, 46, who is happily married to life/business partner Mr. Nelson and has two sons ages 9 and 13, offered methods to keeping a happy married life when working from home with a spouse in an article published in Create & Cultivate.

The Cupcake ATM founder focused on the necessity of respecting the partner’s private time or “me-time” while sharing some recommendations for establishing a balance between work and marriage. Aside from that, the mother of two stressed the need of utilizing humor to diffuse conflict.

It’s never easy to work alongside one’s spouse, let alone for as long as Candace and Charles have. They’ve hatched so many profitable ideas while loving each other, and raising their two children is a testament to their partnership and entrepreneurial abilities.

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By Meera