You must be familiar with the gifted singer-songwriter Pat Benatar. She is one of the most prominent vocalists of the 1980s. Her vocal ability and talent have helped her achieve enormous success in the music industry. Pat is well-known worldwide due to her professional achievements.

The singer is also a devoted partner and mother to her two kids, Haley Giraldo and Hana Giraldo. Both daughters have matured into gorgeous women and are living fulfilling lives.

Haley, Pat Benatar’s daughter, is also married with two children. So, let’s get to know her spouse and children in today’s story.

Who Is the Husband of Haley Giraldo?

Matt Williams, who was born Matthew Williams, is notable for being Haley Giraldo’s spouse. Meanwhile, Haley is Benatar and Neil Giraldo’s oldest child. Texas is where Pat Benatar’s son-in-law was born and raised.

In addition, Matt Williams and Haley Giraldo have enjoyed a happy marriage since 2017. In a formal wedding ceremony, they exchanged vows in front of their family and friends.
In addition, Matt and Haley met for the first time in August 2014 and became friends. Soon thereafter, they fell in love and began dating. The Instagram model stated in one of her social media postings that their journey is a little messy, a little unconventional, but extremely special.

The adorable couple became engaged in May 2016, and were married a year later. In addition, the couple appears to be quite supportive and understanding of one another. Their love and affection will hopefully continue to grow and endure forever.

Haley Giraldo family
Haley Giraldo family

Matt Is A Model And Personal Trainer

The husband of Haley Giraldo is a model with the Los Angeles-based NTA Talent agency. In addition, he is a qualified personal trainer and instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp. In late 2019, the model and personal trainer also featured on The Ellen Show. His work life seemed to be thriving. Moreover, according to, the average annual salary of a personal trainer is $63,961. Therefore, Matt must likewise earn inside this range.

Additionally, the instructor is a model who has likely participated in numerous fashion shows. Therefore, Haley Giraldo’s spouse must also earn a substantial income from his modeling profession. All things considered, Matt Williams’ net worth must be substantial.

Haley Giraldo, the husband of the model and instructor, has a net worth of $500,000. Due to their financial success, the couple must provide a comfortable lifestyle for their children.

Is A Doting Father Of Two

Matt and Haley are blessed with two angelic children, Stevie James Williams and Lola Ford Williams, in addition to their marital bliss. After years of marriage, the charming couple became parents and now leads a wonderful family of four.

On August 25, 2018, the Giraldo-Williams couple welcomed their first child, Stevie James. They were very joyful and enthusiastic at the time. Lola Ford, the second daughter of Matt and Haley Giraldo, was born in February 2020.
In addition, Haley announced early in May 2022 via Instagram that she is expecting a baby boy. Additionally, the comment section is loaded with well wishes and congratulations from her family and friends. Neil Giraldo and Pat Benatar will be the proud grandparents of three adorable grandchildren.

Additionally, Matt appears to enjoy spending a great deal of time with his wife and children. He frequently uploads photographs of their family gatherings.

However, Haley Giraldo’s spouse is a devoted partner and doting father. Additionally, he has gained professional success as a model and personal trainer or instructor. We wish Matt Williams a long-lasting marriage and tremendous professional success.