Tracy Spiridakos is a Canadian actress who has starred in films such as Chicago P.D., Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Chicago Fire, among others. Actor Jon Cor was one of the many guys who were swept off their feet by her stunning build and personality. Spiridakos and Cor’s romance was well-known, and they were even planning to marry eight years ago.

So, what happened to the couple’s wedding preparations from 2012? Is the couple still together? Or are they the past? Continue reading to learn more about the aftermath of their romance and Spiridakos’ current dating life.

Tracy Spiridakos and Jon Cor became engaged in 2012

Spiridakos confirmed her engagement to Jon Cor, her boyfriend at the time, in 2012. They had been dating for a few years and had finally decided to be married. Jon, like Spiridakos, is a Canadian actor, and their friendship appears to have developed as a result of their common career. In 2010, the pair met on the set of The Boy She Met Online, which is likely where their romance began. They were both cast in the series Being Human later in 2012.

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Before the wedding, the actor couple split up

Spiridakos and Cor’s blissful engagement ended in a breakup before they could become husband and wife. The date of their wedding had not been set, at least officially, and the date of their breakup was also unknown. In March 2013, Spiridakos was photographed at the 30th Annual PaleyFest in Beverly Hills, California, still wearing her engagement ring. This indicates that they were still dating at least until March 2013.

Both Spiridakos and Cor have remained silent about the reasons behind their breakup.

Later, Tracy Spiridakos began dating Justin Ruane

Spiridakos immediately began dating Justin Ruane after his relationship with Cor ended. Ruane is an activist, as well as a singer, songwriter, and film producer. He first posted a photo of Spiridakos on Instagram in September 2014, confirming their relationship.

Following that, the two seemed to spend a lot of time together and had a really happy connection. They appeared on each other’s social media on a frequent basis, and they even flew to Greece together in July 2017. They also share a dog, implying that they once lived together.

Tracy and Justin have also not been seen together in a long time

While the first four years of Spiridakos and Ruane’s relationship were filled with joy, their social media accounts indicate that they have drifted apart.

Since July 2018, when Ruane last tweeted a photo of Spiridakos, the two haven’t shared any photos together. While it’s possible that the two are no longer together, there are other possibilities. They could be trying to keep their connection quiet, or they could both be too busy; Tracy appears to be quite busy filming Chicago P.D., so the second explanation is also a possibility.

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By Meera