Zlatan Ibile, whose true name is Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael, a Nigerian singer, is now a father. His son, junior Zlatan, has been frequenting the Zanku Dance creator’s Instagram account recently.

While the famous rapper appears to enjoy his job as a parent, the internet has been speculating about the Afrobeats musician’s partner and his baby mom — all of which appear to be inconsistent, to say the least.

While some internet outlets claim Zlatan’s manager, Seyi Awonuga, is his long-time girlfriend and the newborn’s mother, potentially even his wife, while others allege Devita, a UK-born makeup artist, is the Nigerian rapper’s baby mom.

It’s undoubtedly perplexing, but don’t worry; we’ll try to untangle this knot of contradictory assertions.

In March 2020, Zlatan Ibrahimovic gave birth to a son

On March 29, 2020, the Nigerian native gave birth to his son. However, he did not make the news public until May 2020, when he posted it on Instagram.

Zlatan disclosed the baby’s name, Toluwalase Shiloh Ainoghena Omoniyi when confirming his son’s birth. The new father is overjoyed at the birth of his first kid, as he had Toluwalase’s name tattooed on his forearm. The pleased father, smitten by young Toluwalase, likes to flaunt images of his little one on Instagram. Young Toluwalase can be seen standing on his father’s knee in one of the most recent posts on December 21, 2020, having “a man-to-man talk,” as Zlatan puts it.

We’re simply chilling and having a Man to Man conversation.

Many outlets claim that he has a good relationship with his manager, Seyi Awonuga

Awonuga, the manager of the Zanku dance routine’s originator, shared a photo of herself with a newborn on Instagram on June 14, 2019. The caption was interestingly simple: “Zlatan’s baby.”

The mother of the kid, however, was not mentioned in the post. Because of this misunderstanding, several online publications assumed that Awonuga is the mother of Zlatan’s child as well as his wife.

Some have speculated that the manager is the long-time girlfriend of the indigenous rapper. She’s also known as Zlatan’s manager, but the two are said to have had more than a business relationship. However, they have both remained silent regarding the rumors and speculations surrounding their alleged prior connection.

He is in a relationship with Davita, a make-up artist

The famed Lagos Anthem singer can be seen holding hands with a gorgeous woman in an Instagram image dated December 25, 2020. We have good information that this is his current girlfriend, Davita Lamai.

Lamai is a Makeup Artist residing in the United Kingdom, and her Instagram profile image as of this writing was of Zlatan’s son Toluwalase Shiloh.

She also used her Instagram story to show off a ‘push present’ from her father, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. A push present is a gift given by a partner to the birthing mother, indicating that the makeup artist is, in fact, Zlatan’s baby mom. Even though the story is no longer available, it contains sufficient proof to dispel all previous assumptions and rumors.

However, it is unknown whether the singer-songwriter and his fiancée have married.

According to an internet post, the makeup artist does not believe in the archaic concept of marriage and relationships. She recently responded to one of her fans’ comments that she was “Zlatan’s property,” by claiming that she belonged to no one.

I don’t belong to anyone. Thank you, only God. Goodbye

A few websites have taken this appropriate response as incontrovertible evidence that the two aren’t together, let alone husband and wife. Marriage, on the other hand, does not imply that a woman becomes a man’s property. That’s just an old idea, and Lamai may hold the same opinion even after officiating her relationship with Zlatan.

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Lamai, Zlatan’s girlfriend, is a university graduate

Lamai was a 23-year-old woman who graduated from the University of Kent in November of this year. The singer’s baby mama keeps a low profile and keeps most of her personal information hidden. She is, however, active on Instagram, where she frequently informs her followers about her life via stories and posts.

@davitalamai is her Instagram handle, and she has over 20,000 followers.

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