Jason Brown was formerly the highest-paid NFL center in history, but he retired in August 2012 at the age of 29 to become a farmer.

He stopped playing because he was having a midlife crisis. His inner calling and religion compelled him to seek solace. He was determined to return to his native state of North Carolina and pursue a career in agriculture.

Jason Brown’s Midlife Crisis and Christian Faith: What Driven Him to Farm?

Jason Brown was at the pinnacle of his football career at the age of 27. With a $37.5 million agreement with the St. Louis Rams, he was the highest-paid center in the league. But then he had a midlife crisis, which demotivated him from continuing his football career. As a result, he opted not to continue his NFL career and therefore retired.

Following that, the deeply pious ex-football player began his soul-searching process. He stated he prayed to God for a method to live a fulfilling life during that time.

Brown wrote on his website about how his faith enabled him to get a life-changing recommendation from God himself.

“God revealed to me that he had something greater in store for me,” Brown said, “and that my family should return to my home state of North Carolina and start a farm.”

Brown worked for a while after that epiphany to obtain agricultural land and master farming skills. He eventually bought a 1000-acre plot of property in Louisburg, North Carolina, and learned how to farm on YouTube. He named his farm First Fruits Farm and started contributing the first harvest of whatever he grew.

Since 2013, Brown has worked on the farm.

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Jason Brown Prefers to Help Others Over the NFL

Brown began to aid the less fortunate individuals in his community after deciding to farm.

He named his farm First Fruits Farm because of this. He wanted the first harvest of his farm’s crops to go to those in need. Brown, on the other hand, didn’t just contribute to the first harvest; he gave away nearly all of his output. His farm donated over 10,000 pounds of cucumbers and 100,000 pounds of sweet potatoes for hunger relief in eastern North Carolina alone in 2014.

The Society of St. Andrews, the Interfaith Food Shuttle, and the Food Bank of Eastern North collaborated on this project.

Jason Brown is concerned about the US food crisis

On July 26, 2020, the former NFL star tweeted an article from Yahoo Finance outlining the likely future reality that the United States may experience as a result of the 2020 Coronavirus epidemic.

According to the essay, the present and upcoming food crises will be worse than the Great Depression that hit America in the 1930s. Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, the CEO of Feeding America, and a few other specialists provided remarks and facts about the impending crisis.

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