Swizz Beatz’s son, Kasseem Dean, Jr. is a rapper. He is well-known as a famous child. Swizz Tifrere and Mashonda Tifrere are his parents.

He was born in the United States of America and grew up there. Swizz Beatz, aka Kasseem Daoud Dean, is a rapper, record producer, record executive, and businessman.

Kasseem’s parents are divorced.

Unfortunately, as of now, his parents are no longer together. The former couple started dating in 1998. They did, however, officially end their partnership in 2004. In the year 2000, his mother had a miscarriage. His mother and father had been married for about four years. Later, the couple announced their separation and filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split.

In May of 2010, they were formally divorced. Mashonda brought up her husband’s adulterous romance with Alicia Keys when asked about their breakup.

 Kasseem Dean Jr parents
Kasseem Dean Jr parents

How many siblings does Kasseem have?

Kasseem has four half-brothers and sisters on his paternal side. Swizz went on with his life after his divorce from his mother.

After that, he had two sons with a woman named Alicia. Egypt Daoud Dean and Genesis Ali Dean are the names of their sons. Not only that, but he also has a child from a previous relationship with a 15-time Grammy winner.

Nicole Dean was born while Swizz Beatz and Jahna Sebastian were together, and Prince Nasir Dean was with Nicol Levy.

Despite everything, Alicia’s love was offered to all of her stepchildren. The lady went on to say that they love each other and that their family is a big, beautiful family, of which she is extremely proud, and that it is a real thing that can happen.

Married for more than a decade

Alicia and Swizz had unquestionably proven that a Hollywood marriage could last. They have a happy life together, but when Alicia was asked about her initial impression of Swizz, she said she was surprised.

The lady mentioned that she was initially turned off by Swizz’s personality and would not consider giving him a chance.

It wasn’t love at first sight for her, according to Alicia. Alicia expressed her dissatisfaction with the situation, stating that Swizz wasn’t her cup of tea because he was noisy and obnoxious.

He also enjoys being the center of attention, according to her. There is always a crowd of people around him, including the biggest chains and cars, the brightest colors, and so on. Swizz claims he can write music in ten minutes, which Alicia calls a show-off shite, and her reaction was Eeeeeewwww.

Swizz Beatz celebrated his anniversary for days?

Swizz and her wife Alicia have been married for almost a decade and their celebrations have lasted several days. Alicia shared a few photos from their trip to Corsica. Years ago, it was the site of their ritual vows.

Alicia claimed that after 11 years, they returned to the house where they were married, noting that the 72-hour date was well worth it.

He also used a lot of red heart emojis in his comments. Swizz also emphasizes the importance of making every moment count.

Kasseem Dean’s Net worth

Kasseem’s financial situation is unknown because he is still a child. Instead, we’ll rely on his father, who is estimated to be worth $150 million.